Bruce writes: 

Humorous Crime: 3 un-published manuscripts  

  • Arkady, So Far - Unemployed songwriter invents a non-existent Russian artist (called Arkady) to win a bet with his artist girlfriend, and gets tangled up deeper and deeper with organized crime: in the bottom of hole, he just keeps digging. (73,000 words.)
  • Angels In the Woodwork - An ex-soldier, now ex-policeman, becomes an unconventional street minister while investigating the shooting that killed his police partner, wounded him, and leaves him still fighting for his life, and the lives of his friends, while contending with the ghost or angel of his dead partner, among others. (81,000 words)
  • 18 Lines - An ex-cop and songwriter struggles to deal with the baggage of his undercover past and survive his growing romantic involvement with the daughter of a lethal gangster. (82,000 words)


  • The Guide to Homely Cooking - Notes and stories from Sam and Ella's Diner 

Short stories (selected): 

  • "How To Make a BLT", Finalist and Winner, John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award, 2017
  • "A Revolution of Birds" (Toronto Star, 1982) -- Also a musical in progress, based on this story.
  • "The Order of Things", Semi-finalist, John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award, 2015
  • "Blackberries", Finalist, John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award, 2017
  • "Winterkill", Semi-finalist, John Kenneth Galbraith Literary Award, 2017